New Launch Vehicle Family


It is a necessity to develop a new generation of launch vehicle, in order to improve the overall capability of Chinese launch vehicles to meet the requirement of aerospace development in the future 30 to 50 years, and to remain a player in global aerospace industry. To achieve the goal of high-reliability, low-cost, non-toxic, environment-friendly, high-flexibility and high-standard of safety, the design of the new generation of launch vehicle will adopt a design strategy of commonality, modularity and seriation, which will carry out the development process step by step according to the roadmap of "One-Family, Two-Engine, Three-module".


One Family means adopting the idea of modular design. The new generation of launch vehicle with a 5-meter-diameter core stage is assembled from the three modular stages, and on such base, the new generation of small and medium launch vehicles can be developed.

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